Easter Lesson Plan 1

Today’s lesson plan has a story, some craft, a rhyme, a song and a game… all on the Easter theme.

Here is a short story for you to read aloud to your child, about Pips das Osterhasenkind:  Hilfe für Pips, das Hasenkind.

Here is an Easter colouring in sheet.  Talk about colours, shapes (will you decorate your egg with triangles, circles, stars?).

For those with glue and coloured tissue paper at home, here are the instructions so you can craft das Küken (the chick). (Little torn up bits of birthday crepe-paper-streamers work too.)

Try this little German children’s rhyme and finger playHäschen Löffelohr.

Our song for today is Stups der kleine Osterhase (Stups the little Easter bunny) by Rolf Zuckowski. The lyrics are here.

Ready for a bit of action? What about playing the Fangspiel: Hase und Jäger? (Fangspiel = chasing/catching game.)  This game is pretty self-explanatory ;-). One person is der Jäger (hunter, pron yay-ger) and the other player/s is/are der Hase/die Hasen (the bunny/bunnies, pron hah-zen).  The hunter runs around and tries to catch the bunny/bunnies. When you catch a bunny, you call out “Gefangen!” (caught!) and cuddle them.  You can have as many players as you like.

Enjoy your day!