Easter Lesson Plan 2

Today’s activity is creating a German Osterbaum (Easter tree). This is a very German way to celebrate Easter, so enjoy!   

You’ll need eggs (or card/paper) and a few branches (either indoors or outdoors). 

Eggs:  Decorate some eggs for Easter and hang them in your Osterbaum (Easter tree). 

Option 1: Real eggs.
Either blow them out or hard boil them first.  Hard boiling them makes them less fragile to handle, of course.  Decorate your eggs using either crayons, paint, glueing little bits of coloured paper on, pencils, stickers, or food colouring dye. Attach or thread a bit of wool or ribbon around the eggs to hang them once they are dry.   

Option 2: Card/paper eggs.
Draw some egg shapes on some stiff paper or card. Let your child colour them in and decorate them. Remember to decorate both sides.  Cut them out, make a little hole in the top and help your child to thread a piece of string or wool through a hole in the top.  See picture of our paper eggs here

You can either hang your eggs on a real tree outside, or you can go for a long walk and collect a few small fallen branches to bring home with you. 

One of our teachers made this Osterbaum at home

Are you eggs-austed after your walk to collect branches and all that Osterbaum decorating?  You might like to get comfy and watch a 20 minute episode of the Weiss du eigentlich wie lieb ich dich habe rabbits (while mum or dad get some work done).

Viel Spass!