Lantern Walk

Spielwelt families past and present and friends are invited to join us for the

Traditional German Lantern Walk, from the Turner Scout Hall in Haig Park.

Saturday 22 June 2024
4:30pm to 6:30pm*
* or until 8:30pm, for those who wish to stay later for the After Party! All welcome!

There will be German sausages for sale (with sauerkraut)!

Delicious soups, Saint Martin’s Broetchen, traditional Gluehwein and Kindergluehwein will also be available.

Please note that many of these food items are only available because volunteers cook or bake them. Please bring a dish or plate to share. Suggestions include cake, cookies, savory finger foods, crudité & dips, etc.

There will be a short traditional play about Saint Martin and his involvement in the origins of the Lantern Walk in Europe. Song books provided on loan for the evening. Or learn the songs before-hand at home with our Spielwelt Laterne Playlist.

Dress warmly, and wear good footwear as the grass can be wet.

The children from the German playgroups, and the German Australian Playschool, and Pfadfinder Scout group will be thrilled to be there with the lanterns they have crafted in their programs with us.

This is a community event – created for our members by our members. You can see where we need your help and sign up for a volunteer role here. We’re grateful for your contribution – thank you!

This is totally worth the “late” night for kiddies!

Spielwelt provides lantern sticks to its members. The children will be able to keep their lanterns, of course; or you can certainly fix up your own sticks and lights. We’d just like the Spielwelt sticks back, please, to reuse it each year.

If you want to get involved in organising this event, please join our discord channel!

Laterne Festival in woods

Feedback from one of our members about the Lantern Walk:

Here I am living back in Germany now, after living in Canberra for years.  I was walking home last night and stumbled across a lantern walk exactly like the one Spielwelt organises: Glühwein, Suppe, lots and lots of kids with lanterns, torches, even a saxophone – and they even had a horse –  and they were about to start a Saint Martin play. I giggled to myself because this German gathering actually reminded me of Australia. It felt so German with Spielwelt in Canberra, that seeing a German tradition here in Germany made me homesick for Australia. Well done, Spielwelt!

Lantern Walk Songs

Lanterns, sticks, candles

About the Lantern Walk

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